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How To Clean Your Home In 30 minutes.

November 15, 2018

Hey Quicksters,


I’m back with a couple of quick tips to help you clean your

house in 30 minutes. So we have all been there, 

unexpected guest or your mom is stopping by and you

don't want to look like a complete slob. These quick tips

will help you get your home looking like you have some

form of OCD. That is if you have 30 minutes, if you don't

have 30 minutes and your guest are just there then I'm

sorry I can't help you I can only advise you to try these tips so you can maintain a neat home. You know what they say if you stay ready then you won't have to get ready.  With that said let's get cleaning.





The Living Room


  • Throw pillows are your best friend.. they fancy up couches and cover any stains, holes, etc., so get you a couple of pillows. Organizing pillows on a couch only takes seconds

  • Store away magazine or books in bin or basket. If you don’t have a bin or basket, place magazines in a neat pile somewhere out of sight. And Yes there are people who still read actual books. This should only take you 2 minutes

  • For my fellow pet owners,  you can easy remove pet hair with a swifter pad. Just Swiffer any places that collect hair. This should take you 2 minutes. 

  • Sweep floors or vacuum if you have carpet.  This should take 3 minutes .

Total clean time: 7 minutes

The Kitchen



  • Tuck away any unclean dishes in dishwasher and while your at it turn the dishwasher on. If you don’t have a dishwasher then put dishes in one big pot in sink and save for cleaning later. This should only take 2 minutes

  • If your like me, mail is everywhere, so place any loose papers in a plastic bag and store in a cabinet that will not be opened. This rule apply to any clutter on counters tops so clean counter tops, ok. This can take up to 2 minutes.

  • While your at it take those Lysol wipes and wipe down a spills or stains on counter tops. This can take another 1 minute.

  • Don' t forget to sweep floors. If there are any spills or stains spot treat by cleaning with a Lysol wipe. This can take about 3 minutes.

Total clean time: 8 minutes 



The Bathroom


  • First thing first, put out fresh towels. You wouldn’t want to dry you hands with a towel that has been used several times before so don’t be that person. If you don’t have any clean towels just don’t have any out. This should take 1 minute.

  • Any products or styling tuck away under the sink or  some other place where no one can see them. This should take 1 minute.

  • If you have a lint roller glide it over bathroom rug to remove hair. About 2 minutes

  • Wipe down any visible surfaces, such as, sink and toilet. About 1 minute

  • Lit a candle, it helps with the atmosphere. If scented it will help with odor. This takes seconds. 

Total clean time: 5 minutes 



The Bedroom



  • Make up bed.  About 2 minutes.

  • Pick any clothes, toys (if kids room) and place them in hampers or storage bins. This can take about 3 minutes.

  • Clear dresser tops and store contents from dresser top in a place where no one will see it . The should take 2 minutes

  • Sweep or vacuum.  This can take about 3 minutes

  • Lit a candle to help with the atmosphere. This takes seconds

Total clean time : 10 minutes


 30 Minutes Total 










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