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Quick Add-Ons For Coachella Outfits That Will Make You Look Like A Fashion Super-Star

April 14, 2018

 Ok fellow procrastinators,  you just pulled together an Easter outfit (sigh of relief).  Now you look at your calendar, and see that music festival you have been waiting to go to all year is here already. Yes people,  I am talking about Coachella.

In case you don't know, Coachella has just as many street style photos online as fashion weeks,  so you can’t just step out there wearing anything.

Here are some quick and easy outfits add-ons for those of us that procrastinated, and have no idea what wear to Coachella and possibly make your debut on somebody's street style blog. 


1. Yellow 

 Yellow is the color of the season. It can be easily worn in the form of  maxi skirt,  a cute top pair with denim, or a matching set. Incorporating yellow will brighten up your Coachella experience.






2.  Skinny Shades 

Skinny glasses were all over the runway this year. You will be definitely on trend when you add this accessory to any outfit look, such as, as basic tank dress, jean jackets and shorts. 




3. Denim 

Everyone owns something denim. Demin skirts, jackets, pants, and shorts are the perfect add-on to any look. Also,  the great thing about denim is you can combine it with any of the other add-ons;  yellow, skinny shades, fringe, and sheer all mess well.



4. Sheer

Sheer fabrics are great for those Coachella warm days in sun, and they look cool too. Try a sheer top, skirt, and dress; great for long days and hot nights. 





4. Fringe 

Fringe and music festivals go together like Bert and Ernie, so Coachella wouldn't be thee music festival without seeing a little fringe. Fringe dresses, shirts, and jackets will gave any outfit that add flare. 






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